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PostSubject: Compromise!   April 5th 2007, 22:27


Dear Youth,

Young people, if you were asked the question "what do you think is the biggest problem and the major downfall of the Christian church?" what would you say? I was actually asked this question by another Christian about a year or so ago. My immediate response was simply, "compromise". Of course there are many immediate problems that face our beloved church, but looking back to the root of all these problems it seems that a lot of the time it has, in some way or another, been the result of compromise. Even most of the issues threatening our planet have come as a result of compromising Christ or many other various things. For example, in 1861, the United States fought a civil war in which many lives were lost. The reason for this uproar among the nation was slavery. If the individuals of that nation had remained true to God's moral standards, there would never have been such a war, and thousands of lives would have been spared as a result!

Youth, we ARE the future generation, both in the world and in the church! Are we going to follow the steps of our forefathers and send our world and God's church plummeting on a downward spiral because of our decisions to compromise? Or are we going to see the victory of God's people by our steadfast faithfulness? The choice is ours, TODAY! You see, it is through the little decisions we make today that will prove whether or not we will take our stand and demand loyalty to the one and only true God, or if we will take a very political stand that will involve much compromise.

It is very important that as young people we ground ourselves in the truth of God's word, and with unwavering steps press toward higher and still higher places, lifting others also to those heights. Young people, this takes COURAGE! With today's pressures it is so easy to escape duty and conflict through compromise, but God is not honoured by this cowardly "escape". God is calling for men like Joshua, and women like Esther, who are brave and courageous! "Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest." (Joshua 1:9)

Thankfully, there are many examples in the Bible of men and women and even youth and children who were courageous and strong! Think of Joseph, Daniel, Esther, Moses, Isaac, and Paul. We can learn from these great heroes of the faith and draw comfort and courage from the story of their lives. But, there are also those in the Bible who chose what looked like the easy way out of situations and whose lives are now set before us as examples of defeat. One example I can especially think of is Aaron, Moses' older brother.

In Exodus 32 we have the famous story of the golden calf. At the time when this took place, Moses was up on Mount Sinai receiving direct instructions from God. It seems quite evident that he was up there for quite some time, because the children of Israel became quite impatient and lost faith in God. So they came up with a plan, and they went to Aaron to entreat him to make them an idol. Instead of flatly refusing such a ridiculous request, and pointing them to God's law and providence, Aaron acts in a political manner, asking the people to bring him all their gold jewellery. It was his hope that they would refuse to make such a sacrifice and in that way the problem would be solved. Instead, however, his compromise ended him in a worse predicament than if he had simply refused to make the idol in the beginning. This is an example of what happens when we compromise principles and standards.

Recently I watched a documentary DVD on the life of Desmond T. Doss, an American medic in World War II. His refusal to bear arms gave him the unwanted title "conscientious objector", and he became a target for criticism and ridicule from his comrades and superiors. However, during this time of severe testing, one thought carried him through, and that single-line thought has made a strong impression on my heart: "If you can compromise once, you can compromise again." This is probably the most dangerous aspect of compromise. Not only is compromise disastrous in it's consequences, but without the help of a power higher and above ourselves (God) once we have compromised once, it has us caught and trapped in it's iron grip and causes us to make more and more greater compromises against God and His purpose for our lives!

I once knew of a young person who was making a decision that would compromise many of the principles they had once adhered to. I spent a short amount of time talking to this particular youth about this decision and their response to me was: "I probably won't do it again." This response, while I'm sure was said in the greatest intention of lifting my burden for them, caused me greater concern. For one, they were freely admitting that this decision was in fact a compromise for they felt uncomfortable at making this decision a common practice. But the greatest thing is that once a person has compromised his principles, even if under the fullest intention of never doing it again, they now have the ability to compromise again more easily, with a more easy conscience and on greater and greater things, until they are so far away from their original standing that you could hardly recognize them as the same person who held such high standards and principles for their life-government.

Not only is compromise detrimental to our own life, but it destroys any possibility for God to use us in His great plan to save His people from the presence of sin forever! Over the centuries, God has raised groups of people who have preserved His word and kept the world from utter destruction and darkness. There were the Jews first, but when they apostisied, God raised the early apostolic church. During a period we call the dark ages, there were groups of faithful men and women, such as the Waldensians, the Huguenots, and many other groups that formed as a result of the different reformers, such as the Lutherans, Anabaptists, and Methodists. Gradually though, these groups began to lose the great truths originally entrusted to them, and so God had to raise another people right at the end of time to carry His message to the world. Through a careful study of the Bible we can identify this remnant, or last church, as the Seventh-day Adventist church. Sadly, however, even this chosen church, through compromise, has become far less effective and powerful in it's witness to the world.

Today, as we look around at our church we can see evidence of this, but, there IS good news and a hope amid the seemingly hopeless case of our church's current direction. God is always faithful, and though those before us may have dishonoured Him in their decisions, He WILL raise faithful men and women in this chosen church to finish His work! Those men and women will be those who have fortified their minds with the Bible truths and who are strong, steadfast, courageous, and through the power of Christ, able to withstand temptation with a plain "it is written"! God is choosing you and me to be this last generation of faithful and strong witnesses to Christ's power, but we must be firm and convicted, resolute and steadfast!

In order to withstand the terrific temptations and pressures that are awaiting us just around the corner, we need to be able to withstand the little trials and peer-pressures that we now experience! Young people, don't let compromise become YOUR ruin, as it has been to so many others before us! Let us stand true and faithful to the Master who has called us to labour in His vineyard! We are told: "The youth of today whose principles are firm and unwavering, will be blessed with health of body, mind, and soul." (Conflict and Courage, p. 248)

--Stephanie Fox
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