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 Issue #111 Tue, 16 Jan 2007

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PostSubject: Issue #111 Tue, 16 Jan 2007   March 12th 2007, 01:00

Angel at the Door

Dear Youth,

Just six days ago I was at the kitchen sink washing dishes. I turned toward the door (which appeared shut), and, as I was watching, the door began to slowly open. The first thought that entered my mind as I watched the door open was that an angel had just made his entrance. Whether or not it really was an angel I will never know on this earth; most likely the door was not properly closed and a soft breeze had simply opened it.

However, whether or not it was an angel doesn't really matter, and my intention for sharing this illustration was not to try and convince anyone anything about whether or not it was an angel. I simply want to share with you some of the thoughts that came to my mind as I contemplated the theme of angels there at the kitchen sink.

The thought that angels were present with me as I worked was a great comfort and a sweet thought indeed. In fact, so beautiful and cheering was this thought that a smile involuntarily appeared on my otherwise nonchalant expression. We are told: "The angel of the Lord encampeth round about them that fear Him." (Psalm 34:7) There ARE angels in our midst, even though we may not be conscious of it. But most of the time we are so preoccupied in other areas that we forget about the ministry of angels and we forget that they are there with us, watching how we act, helping us, strengthening us, and encouraging us to make the right choices. I believe that it was the Lord that first made me aware of the presence of angels that day as I worked at the dishes, for even though it may not have been an angel that walked in the door, there certainly were angels present in the room with me.

I think this is a very encouraging and pleasant theme to often meditate upon as we toil about our everyday duties. If we are mindful that heavenly beings are dwelling with us, it may make us more careful in the way we treat our family members, and also the order or disorder in which our homes are arranged. If we think more meticulously about the way we treat those closet to us, our homes will naturally become a place where angels will love to abide. "A home where love dwells and where it is expressed in looks, in words, and in acts, is a place where angels delight to manifest their presence." (Child Guidance p. 146)

Did you know that these glorious beings actually help us in our Christian walk also? They are beings of encouragement, strength, and instruction. When Christ agonized in the Garden of Gethsemane, when that bitter cup quivered in His hand, all heaven watched and waited to see what decision He would make. But, even there, He was not alone: "In this awful crisis, when everything was at stake, when the mysterious cup trembled in the hand of the sufferer, the heavens opened, a light shone forth amid the stormy darkness of the crisis hour, and the mighty angel who stands in God's presence, occupying the position from which Satan fell, came to the side of Christ. The angel came not to take the cup from Christ's hand, but to strengthen Him to drink it, with the assurance of the Father's love." (The Desire of Ages, p. 693) Isn't that so beautiful, young people? Through all the trials of life that we face, the angels stand there with us, not to release us from the trial, but to uphold us through it! When we come to a crossroads in our life, the angels are ever-present beside us, beckoning us to walk in the ways of righteousness.

Don't you want these angels as constant guests in your home? I certainly do because, not only do they protect and comfort, they also strengthen and help us through the walks and waves of life! We are told: "Mutual kindness and forbearance will make home a Paradise and attracts holy angels into the family circle; but they will flee from a house where there are unpleasant words, fretfulness, and strife. Unkindness, complaining, and anger shut Jesus from the dwelling." (The Adventist Home, p. 422)

Think about the angels; behold them casting their glorious light around a kneeling family; watch them work beside a cheerful homemaker, or strengthen a youth in his studies; hear them sing with one as he labours around the home; see them point the way out to a wandering, lost soul; consider their pain at watching a precious child of God struggle with temptation; and notice their involvement in the salvation of the human race. Notice their tears when they hear young people converse light, trivial matters with each other; watch them turn in anguish from the side of one who does not desire the path of life; see them cry with a heart-broken parent as they watch a son or daughter fall into the follies of the world; hear them sigh as a soul whom Christ redeemed from sin ignores His gentle pleading; picture them fleeing from a home where strife and anger prevail.

That day as I washed the dishes whilst considering the ministry and affairs of angels, I was challenged to look at my life, both the outward and the inward issues of the heart. Did the angels flee from my home because of my harsh words, my unwilling attitudes, my complaining, or my pride? Did they wait in vain to kneel with me in prayer? Were they ashamed at some of my thoughts? Did they veil their faces from the agonizing sight as they watched me tread the path that would lead me to destruction? It's quite a sobering thought. On the other hand, I can just envision the angels singing with me as I hum a tune while at work; I can see them smiling as they watch our family at some task or recreational activity together and I can see them join us in family worship.

"The home that is beautified by love, sympathy, and tenderness is a place that angels love to visit, and where God is glorified." (The Adventist Home, p. 19) I want to prepare a room in my heart and in my home to receive these heavenly messengers. I want to see their light shed upon the lives of my family. I want their glory to shine forth as the sunshine in our home. Don't you, young people? Let's make our homes a little heaven upon earth, a place where angels will often grace our humble dwellings and will often join in our affairs!

--Stephanie Fox

PLEASE NOTE: All Bible verses are taken from the King James Version, unless stated otherwise.
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Issue #111 Tue, 16 Jan 2007
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